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We purchased these rainer cherry kitchen cabinets in 2003 & over time the color in parts on the doors have completely faded to a very light beige as if there are two different types of wood used. Also the finish has chipped away from the wood.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have been asking for a representative to come out from Diamond to check this problem out, since we are extending our kitchen and need some more cabinets. So far we have not had anyone come out but was told the these cabinates only had a warranty for 5 years, seams very short for new kitchen cabinets.

I understand the company is only offering a lifetime warranty on cabinets purchased in the last five years. Can anyone give me advice?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

I didn't like: Not like.

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Can you please clarify which Diamond Kitchen & Bath these cabinets were purchased at?

Thank you.

Diamond Kitchen and Bath - Poor workmanship and never return calls as promised

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We had a Master Bathroom remodeled in spring, 2011, at the cost of $23,000.00. It took months to complete.

Then some floor tiles cracked. They are now replacing the same tiles for the third time, after I agreed to pay an additional $400, and these tiles don't match in color. It is obvious that the sub floor was not installed properly. If the same tiles crack again, the entire bathroom and master closet will need to be gutted so that the tiles under all the fitures and custom closet can be removed and replaced, too.

The initial loss is only $400, but but now we have flooring that is mismatched in color and if the tiles crack for the forth time, the cost would be in the thousands of dollars.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Well, the tiles that were replaced for the fourth time in February have cracked again. Now they want to go through the ceiling in family room below to correct the problem of the subfloor movement, and then replace the cracked tiles again.

And they want to charge me to do this, but they haven't told me how much they want yet. I was supposed to get their proposal last week, but I haven't received it yet. I think that I will contact an attorney and sue them for the repair. I have another contractor coming out the first week in August to give me an estimate to redo the floor.

Pasha, from Diamond KItchen and Bath, told me that cracking tile is due to the movement of the subfloor, but wouldn't take responsibility for their poor installation of the subfloor that they installed. And Michael, the owner, has not responded to my e-mail.

I am also planning on paying a building inspector come out to look at problem in preparation for court.

AHD from Langhorne, PA

Diamond Kitchen and Bath - Slow and everything cracking on bathroom remodel


We had 2 bathrooms completely gutted and replaced by Diamond Kitchen and Bath, which are located in Feasterville, PA. We went with the company for the one stop shopping. Boy, was that a mistake.

The job took 4 months longer than projected because there was only one contractor working each day. In addition, the quality of the work is so poor. The ceiling started cracking within 1 month of install where the joists are taped. Instead of tearing the tape out and putting in new tape and spackle, they just respackled. Of course it's cracked. And within 6 months, the caulk was coming off the tub and the grout is cracking on the walls in both bathrooms. Despite assurances that the grout was sealed - it never was. Now I will have to re-grout both baths and it is under 2 years from install.

The counter tops were cut wrong, there was a problem hanging the shower doors in the master bath. I could go on. Run, don't walk, away from this contractor.

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This company is overpriced. I just had my kitchen done by an unincorporated contractor who did a beautiful job.

I probably would have spent at least $20,000 more using a company such as this. Not a good idea in this ecomomy.


After researching and calling every customer who had 2 bathrooms done in the last 5 years (27 customers). We have come to the conclusion that this complaint is phony.

We checked all records and have never received one phone call about the complaints listed. Our company gives a two year unconditional warrantee for all labor and materials, this is "Bumper to Bumper" and any issues arising on any project are serviced immediately. Diamond Kitchen & Bath has requested that this false complaint be removed. We feel that a complaint should be viewed by the public if it is genuine; we also know that the home improvement business is imperfect and we cannot always please everyone.

As a company our goal is to exceed customer expectations and we feel we do this very well.

If there are any questions about the quality of our products or our work, we would be happy to give as many references as anyone would request, we have thousands of satisfied and happy clients. (215)752-4400


When I see anonymous complaints it sends up a red flag. As a company we have nothing short of excellent ratings with Angies list and all others.

If there is ever an issue with a project, we are extremely proactive and do everything in our power to make our customer more than happy. We have built our business over ten years on our reputation for excellence and customer service. If this is a real complaint then I would hope this customer would contact me immediately at 215-752-4400. As for the time line, this is impossible.

We have never had a project go more than 2 weeks past deadline, unless they were waiting for a part i.e.

trim molding or door handle. This means that the room was 100% functional when promised.

to Michael Reisbord / Owner Diamo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #742284

Mike, you are wrong. Pavel has been at my home several times.

My problem has NOT been resolved. Just because I prefer to remain anonymous, it does not make my complaint invalid. You never called me!!! SO YOUR COMMENT SENDS UP A RED FLAG that you lie.

And, by the way, my remodel took TWO MONTHS to complete, so don't say that you never had a project take more than two weeks. Now I am having the floor removed and done properly at a cost of over $12,000. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General.

And I am contacting Angie's List, too.

to Anonymous #987041

I now think I know who this customer is. If I remember correctly, being in a courtroom where the Judge threw out the complaint.

This is the only lawsuit Diamond Kitchen & Bath has ever experienced. We also tried to repair the floor 4 times over the course of three years (At no charge) and ultimately finding, (with the help of a structural engineer) that the home has major structural issues. Most bathroom projects take 3-6 weeks to complete. And very rarely go past the deadline, unless unforeseen challenges arise.

They never take two weeks to complete as the customer stated. In more then 10 years and thousands of projects we are bound to have some complaints, we are not perfect. I am more then happy to admit when we make a mistake. And we also want to make it right, every time without exception.

This is not one of those times. Since this anonymous comment was made, there have been no complaints filed.

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